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tips for snow boarding

1 Stretch before you ride- always stretch all major muscles before hitting the slopes. The consequence of tight muscles is an injury that could very easily put you on the sidelines for the rest of your holiday
2 Try before you buy- Never buy equipment just because it looks good. Standard procedure at most snowboard shops is to hire out equipment in the hope you will then buy it.
3 Take lessons- you will learn what to do, and get advice, instead of continuously acting the fool.
4 Drink Water- When you combine exercise, dehydration and high altitude, you run the risk of serious nausea and altitude sickness. Drink plenty of water at all times, and leave the booze until after you prop your board up for the day.
5 Wear wrist guards- the most common injury in snowboarding is a break or sprain of the wrist because your instinct is to stick your hands out when you fall over (and you will). Wrist guards protect you, but remain invisible under your jacket and gloves.
6 Wear a helmet- a helmet protects your head from ice, trees, rocks, and other unforgiving terrain
7 Stay low- your knees act as shock absorbers, therefore, stay loose and low on your board. Never lock your knees out or you'll have zero suspension. By bending your knees, you can help absorb bumps, maintain a centre of balance and adjust easier to the ever changing terrain.
8 Give the skiers a break- skiers vs snowboarders is old hat. don't go out of your way to be rude, or you'll end up looking stupid.
9 Get out of the way when you get off the lift to buckle up. Protocol dictates that you move to the far sides of the run before buckling up.
10 Follow the four golden rules of the snowboard park- many resorts have snowboard parks, with jumps and a half-pipe. The golden rules are: 
Don't sit on top of a jump, or you'll block the other riders' takeoff route.
Never sit on the landing of the jump or you'll get another boarder landing right on top of you. ouch.
Proper etiquette for entering the half-pipe is to shout "dropping" loudly, so you won't enter at the same time as someone else.
Always give the person in front a little room to move.
11 And in general
The front leg must be firmly tethered to the board by a safety strap
It is essential to look carefully to the right and left when changing direction, especially when starting a turn heelside- glance behind
Remember that the ability to ski does not mean that you can board!
Do not attempt the sport without qualified instruction

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Good Skiing - tips and advice for snow boarding