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If you're getting lost with what a hit, edge, or fall line is, then our essentials ski & snowboard glossary should be able to give you an understandable explanation! 

If you have any other terms which you think could help fellow skiers understand the ski-language, then please email them to us here.

alpine ordinary downhill skiing
après ski whatever you do after you ski, e.g. get drunk, swimming, shopping
boot liner soft stuff in your boots
boot shell hard plastic boot coating
boot tree boot-carrying device
bowl skiing skiing on wide slopes with no trees
carve to turn making a clean arc
diagonal stride going forwards, pushing out diagonally. used in cross-country skiing
dropping   what a snowboarder shouts when he is 'dropping in' to warn others of his presence
dropping in   entering the pipe by means of either wall
drag lift lift that drags you, rather than carrying you in a chair
edge metal strip in skis and also verb to push skis into the snow
express chair high speed chair lift
fall line quickest route down the slope
fat skis bigger than usual skis
flat   the flat bottom of the pipe between the two walls
flex how much the ski bends
free riding snowboarding across any terrain
freestyle snowboarding with fancy maneuvers, e.g. jumps 
glade slope with lots of trees
get air to jump in snowboarding
heli ski helicopter skiing, used for accessing pure, powder nosw high up in the mountains
hit ridge in the snow for jumping- how you 'get air' in snowboarding
lip   the acute angle at which the wall terminates
log slide log used for sliding in snowboarding
micro ski see 'ski boarding'
off-piste skiing away from marked runs. can be dangerous, e.g. risk of avalanches, not patrolled
parabolic skis hourglass-shaped micro skis (see 'ski boarding')
piste slope
powder fresh snow
run   when a rider completes the full length of the pipe, linking several 'hits' in the process
shell un-insulated ski jacket
ski boarding skiing using short skis with greater carving ability, unsuitable for deep snow 
skierised car car kitted out for skiers
snow blading see 'ski boarding'
snow cat a car on skis used to get to inaccessible areas
snow plough braking manoeuver, by forming a triangle with your skis 
super g new downhill skiing discipline
t-bar lift that pulls skiers up by a bar
transition   the angle arching between the 'flat' and the 'vert' of the wall
treeline point at which the trees stop
vert   the top section if the wall that is completely flat
walls   the vertical sides to a pipe. These comprise two elements- the 'transition' and the 'vert'
wedge braking manoeuver

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