Here are two sample pages for you to look at. We've disabled the links so you can only view the contents of each page. For the purposes of an example, we have used a hotel for the "your business", however, the sample principles are applied to activities and other types of business.

Below, we have explained different areas of the pages, and how the page could look, depending on your wishes. 

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sample "accommodation" page ; click here for "accommodation" page information

sample "your business" page ; click here for "your business" page information

On all pages, you will get the standard title-bar, looking as follows:

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The Accommodation Page    See this page is full, here

Left hand column right hand column
Here is an example of a hotel which has bought space for its picture. They have also bought a link to a page on this site, signified by a blue link underneath. The picture will also act as a link. This hotel has just bought space alongside the accommodation list. They have no link to either a page on this site, or to a site of their own. This is signified by black text, and no underline. 

This hotel has also bought space on the accommodation page, but instead has linked its picture to its very own website. This is signified by a red link. Their site will open in a new window. Space can only be allocated on a first come first served basis. Once all the space on your page is taken, no more is available- so be quick!


The centre column
Your business is listed alphabetically in the list.

If you buy a link, regardless of if you have a picture or not, the link will also appear in this list

We'll put your telephone and fax numbers  here

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The "Your Business" Page             See this page is full, here

You provide the words and pictures, and we'll put it together to form something like this.

How much, or how little information (such as prices, number of rooms, meal prices, etc.) is up to you, however we ask for a maximum of 250 words. Our example uses about 225 words.

The number of pictures you choose is up to you, however, a maximum of three is permitted with the price of a page. max size of 50k per photo.


One way to monitor the success of your page is to give guests a special offer if they quote this website when booking. The choice of offer is entirely up to you. You are in no way obliged to provide an offer if you do not wish. (see yellow box for example)

You may like to have multiple pages, perhaps in a different language, or to provide more information. We will incorporate the necessary links wherever you wish, but we recommend that they are placed just under your hotel's title. You must provide the language text.

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At 1st September, the breakdown of costs for "The Hotel de la Falaise", as featured in the above pages would be:

the hotel listed in the accommodation list, alphabetically 10 per year extra photos- max 50k per photo. 5 per photo x 4 photos = 20. 
link to a page on our site, with max. 3 photos on each page (max 150k for 3 photos). 250 words 30 per year per page.  photo alongside accommodation list + link to the page on this website 5 for three months. So that's 20 for the year.
total cost for year  80

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